Lee Soderborg: Funeral

The funeral services for Alvin Lee Soderborg were held June 26, 2020 at the Harvestland Ward meetinghouse (3120 W 4700 S, Taylorsville, UT 84119) at 2:00 pm

The program was as follows:

ConductingBishop Doug Whitlock
Family PrayerPamela Willis (daughter)
Prelude & Postlude MusicIrene Hatch
ChoristerSherry Christensen
Opening Hymn#223
“Have I Done Any Good?”
InvocationGayle Roberts (sister)
SpeakerMark Soderborg (brother)
SpeakerOlivia Kirkham (daughter)
SpeakerBlane Christensen (friend)
Closing RemarksBishop Doug Whitlock
Closing Hymn#300
“Families Can Be Together Forever”
BenedictionKathy Vander Veur (sister)
Murray City Cemetery
5490 South Vince Street — Murray, Utah
Dedication of the GraveBrian Soderborg (son)
Casket BearersHonorary Casket Bearers
Brian Soderborg (son)
Cody Soderborg (son)
Russ Kirkham (son-in-law)
Mark Soderborg (brother)
Martin Vander Veur (brother-in-law)
Ken Dawson (brother-in-law)
Robb Cundick (brother-in-law)
Dan Roberts (brother-in-law)
Josua Willis (grandson)
Daniel Willis (grandson)
Spencer Soderborg (grandson)
Luke Soderborg (grandson)
Ethan Soderborg (grandson)
Eric Soderborg (brother)

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