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Daddie Dearest’s Dollar Dollops

Financial term of the quarter:

Hostile takeover:

This is business/financial lingo for assimilation. It refers to an involuntary merging of two entities, where the desires of the individuals are subjugated to the needs of the many, for the benefit of the whole. (aka: communism)

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Money: Blessing or Burden?

President Ivan Holland, Anthem, Nevada Stake
Stake Conference August 27, 2006

The Lord never rewards righteousness with money!
The Lord does not reward eternal things with temporal (temporary) things.
Wealth and monetary gain are as much a test as a blessing.
If you think that monetary gain is a reward for your righteousness you’ll become prideful (pride cycle)
Jacob 2:18-19 The Lord will give us riches if we have the intent to do good and help others. If not, it will be to our condemnation!
An understanding of the Lord’s plan helps us put things into perspective in a way that the rest of the world cannot even fathom (imagine).
If we understand that this life is but for a moment and that we’ve been promised all of eternity, then we won’t get caught up in the mundane – and Christ will help us focus on what truly matters.

D&C 29:34-35 The Lord doesn’t give temporal commandments – only spiritual
The Lord wants us to succeed & receive exaltation
It is not necessary to achieve perfection in THIS life
This is NOT a competition.
We would not have any possibility of success without Jesus Christ & the Atonement
The Spirit and the Body are the Soul (D&C 88:15) …Duel nature, requires both.