Daddie Dearest’s Dollar Dollops

Financial term of the quarter:

Hostile takeover:

This is business/financial lingo for assimilation. It refers to an involuntary merging of two entities, where the desires of the individuals are subjugated to the needs of the many, for the benefit of the whole. (aka: communism)

The focus of the financial info we have for you this quarter is access to our subscription to the Investors Toolbox website.

User name is *******

Pass code is ********

We have a series of VHS tapes that teach you how to use the info that is available to you on the web site. These are available at our house to be checked out, and viewed at your leisure.

There is also online training available.

This website tells you which stocks to invest in by the use of red and green arrows, so you don’t have to understand financial data about a company in order to invest in it. (This like knowing how to tell time without having to know how to build a clock.) (Actually it is more analogous to not having to know how to fix a car in order to know how to drive one, although you do have to know how to add gas, and oil, and water, and anti-freeze, and washer fluid, and air, and turn on the radio, and etc.) (Because we (royal) understand that driving without a radio is very difficult for some of you.)

There are on-line brokers that will trade stock for you. I believe the sight is linked to one. There are also independent brokers available.

The beauty of this system is that you can trade on paper, in-order to become comfortable with and understand the process, before you actually invest real money.

It is recommended that you spend twenty minutes or so on Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday placing your orders, so that you can trade on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Share your successes and frustrations. Happy Investing!

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