Best Job Ever

This is the story all about how my life got flipped turned upside-down. I’d like to take a minute, just sit wherever, and I’ll tell you how I got what is really the Best. Job. Ever.

September 22, 2012 I received a call from a contracting company, TEKsystems, asking if I was interested in a Front-End Web Designer position for a company called ZAGG. As I was unemployed at the time, I answered in the affirmative.

September 24, 2012 Mike (from the TEKsystems) called me to tell me that an interview had been set up with ZAGG for September 27, 2012 at 10am. He then gave me the phone number for Brian, another contractor whom they had already successfully placed at ZAGG.

When I called Brian, he told me a bit about the work they do at ZAGG and about the company culture. He told me that lately his department has been integrating the iFrogz website into the ZAGG site, as ZAGG had recently merged with iFrogz.

The next day when I showed up to the interview there was someone, Nicole, from TEKsystems to give me a sort of pre-interview pep-talk. When I was led into the conference room where the interview was to take place, I discovered that it was to be a “group” interview (meaning, in this case, there were three people who were interviewing me).

At the time I knew them as “Interviewer 1 (right)”, “Interviewer 2 (middle)”, and “Interviewer 3 (left)”. For clarity purposes, I shall identify them as follows:
Interviewer 1 = Doug (Boss/Hiring Manager)
Interviewer 2 = Monk (Team Leader/Immediate Supervisor)
Interviewer 3 = Martin (Position being vacated/in on the interviews to find a suitable replacement for himself)

When I sat down at the table, the first thing Doug asked me was: “So, what do you know about ZAGG?” Dang! Mom’s birthday was the day before and I hadn’t done my research!
Needless to say my anxiety level shot through the roof. But fortunately I’m usually a quick thinker; the following went through my head: Crap! Wait, what did Brian tell me yesterday? Um, something about a merger? Let’s see, what else do I know…? Oh! When I interviewed here two years ago for that Flash position what where they working on? Also, didn’t I get a ZAGG screen cover for my phone when I bought it?
Trying my best to remain calm, I responded: “I know that ZAGG is the leader in phone screen covers. I know that about two years ago ZAGG was developing a Flash based program for creating customized phone covers. (Doug interjected with, “ZAGGskins, right.”) And I also know that you have recently purchased a company, that I cannot for the life of me remember the name of.”
Doug interjected with, “Yeah, iFrogz. Not to many people know about them, I’m impressed.” (Thank you Brian! I’m so glad TEKsystems had me call him!)

They then asked me a bunch of technical questions, and I gave suitably technical answers. (No need to bore you with details that I can’t remember anyway…)

Then Monk said, “OK, this is very important: Star Wars or Star Trek?”
Now the truth is that I am very much a Trekkie. It’s how I was raised. However, I’m also well aware that when someone asks this question, the answer they are generally looking for is “Star Wars” – armed with this knowledge I crafted my answer as thus: “I’m going to have to say Star Trek, because George Lucas makes me angry, and the Star Wars that is out now is not the Star Wars I grew up with.”
Monk then turned to Martin and said, “Her reasoning is better then yours.”

Martin responded with, “OK let me ask you this: in your opinion did Star Trek Andromeda ever happen?”
My replied with, “Star Trek Enterprise? or Andromeda? Because those are two very different shows.”
(Martin) “Oh, You’re absolutely right; Star Trek Enterprise.”
(Me) “No, no it did not.”

Monk then asked: “Which is your favorite DC Character?”
I answered Batman almost before he had even finished asking the question.
Doug was a little surprised “Wow, she didn’t hesitate on that at all did she?”
Then Monk said, “You can’t have Batman; someone on my team is already Batman.”
What? What does he mean that I can’t have Batman? He asked who my favorite DC character was and my favorite is Batman!… I guess I had a confused look on my face, because he continued with, ”Well, you see, everyone on my team has a DC hero nickname. I’m Joker; There is also Batman and a Green Lantern. But they can be similar, like we had a Superman who left, but now we have a Man of Steel. So it can be similar, just not the same.” Oh, I get it now, “Well I’m a girl so…let’s see…there’s Barbara Gordon, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy…?”

At this point the interview was essentially over. This conclusion being brought to point by Doug stating that he had to get back to work, but feel free to stay and continue geeking out. I guess Monk and Martin had to get back to work as well, but we chatted amiably as they walked me to the door.

Afterward I thought, “I should have answered the Star Wars/Star Trek question with Stargate. I wonder how they would have responded to that?”

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I graduated from The Art Institute of Las Vegas in 2008 with my Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Interactive Media.

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