Imagine That

I belive that my imagination directs my life and is influenced by my life. When I was growing up I was forced to go outside and use my imagination. My imagination formed me into what I wam today. My brothers and I would have to take the every-day blasè stick and make a toy out of it. We didn’t have “cool” toys or brand name anything. We were forced to live out our childhood with whatever we found on the ground.

In consideration of the “forest” and the “cup” along with their respective meanings what I saw in my mind’s eye were closer to memories of confortable times. When asked to envision a cup I did not get a fancy china vase, I got a plastic collapsible pink cup. I still have this cup today, because I love this cup. I can not find another like it. The fact that the cup referes to my childhood is great. I had a wonderful upbringing. I described the forest form a campout I went on that was particularly good, with the trees and sky just the way it was that day. It was a glorious day and my life so far is glorious. Except for the unexpected bear that pops out of nowhere. Who, when living a blissful life, would not be surprised when out pops a problem from the middle of oblivion? Naturally, I was a little shocked by it’s emergence. After I saw the bear I walked up to it and started asking some “getting to know you” questions. In real life when faced with a problem I confront it; not an all out attack, but I get to know it and how to deal with it.

Now picture a weather-worn, red brick wall covered in moss and vines taller than your head. This represents my out look on the future. A dead end? No, rather the unknown. I am only able to imagine what is on the other side. “Uncertain the future is. “When let to wonder, my mind found many things on the other side of the wall. A run-down mansion with unkept grounds. A desire to explore and a need for adventure fills my being at the very thought of this mansion. I guess that will always be a part of me, the need for adventure, or change. Sadly I never actually went over the wall. I have no idea what the future holds for me; only my imagination can tell. Then comes the water, in all it’s forms. First is the scene on the beach. beautiful palm trees, old coconuts on the ground, fallen logs, and the smell of the ocean. That is my out look on liferight now. Just sit back and enjoy the scenery. No need to rush into anything, I am still young. Now aquariums, that is a different story, I saw two of them. One was about five feet long and two deep. Many fish were in it along with rocks, plastic divers, and castles, etc. Behind that one I saw a huge killer whale tank, but no fish, no descriptive attributes, just the tank and water. This is how I perceive marriage. No, not polygamy,more of I would be happy with a small marriage, nothing fancy. I could do big, but there would be no emotion in it.

As far as character goes, I have been molded by my imagination into a sort of artist. I would rather make snow-dogs and build thrones from bricks than solve for “x”. There is a saying that goes, “Its not what you look like on the outside, but on the inside that counts.” I am one hundred percent for that. It took years of hard work and imagination for me to look as good as I do on the inside.

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