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The Meaning Behind Color

Original article from Website Magazine.

The Meaning Behind Color – What Choice Evokes the Best Response

Color is one of the most fascinating things in the world. It attracts attention, evokes emotion and can trigger the memory.

Something so powerful should not be taken lightly, especially when creating visual elements to a website, in an advertisement or for a brand. Colors can increase brand recognition, increase participation and provide brands with a competitive edge.

Of course everyone has a favorite color, but marketers should be aware of the meanings behind colors, as well as what colors yield the best response from consumers. Continue reading The Meaning Behind Color

Easy Fixes for Photos

This is a quick and concise tutorial found on WiseBread.com
It is perfect your y’all who have Photoshop and want a quick fix for your photos:

7 Easy Photoshop Fixes for Your Family Photos

by Katrina Simeck on 30 November 2010

If you are the proud owner of a digital camera, chances are that you’ve got hundreds (if not thousands) of photos on your hard drive. A huge advantage of going digital is that you can take as many shots as you need to capture the “perfect” image.

However, despite constant clicking, you’re likely to want to learn to improve your photos with an editing program such as Adobe Photoshop.

Read on for seven easy fixes that every photographer should know. Continue reading Easy Fixes for Photos

Color Tidbits

Leave it to me to find random trivia about color…

  • Chromadynamics is the study of the physiological effects caused by observing color. Scientists have proven that certain colors effect vision, hearing, respiration and circulation.
  • A year-long study at the University of California helped dispel the belief that canines are colorblind. Three greyhounds, Flip, Gypsy and Retina, had no trouble telling red from blue, but could not distinguish yellow, green or orange.
  • A test conducted at the American Psychology Association Convention found that the most favored jelly beans are black and red, and the least favored are white. This shows the perception of strength and weakness based on color extends into the area of taste.
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Fun and Useful Color Tidbits

I read this article on the Pantone site.
fun and useful color tidbits

  • When calibrating a monitor, make sure that the monitor has been on for at least 30 minutes before making any adjustments, as this allows the CRT tube to warm up and the colors to settle.
  • Improve the luster of your metallics: remember to specify liquid ink when working with metallic colors to achieve optimal results. New liquid inks containing intermediate-sized pigment particles provide higher levels of brilliance than conventional paste inks, which generally contain smaller particles.
  • Some pigments are more lightfast than others. This is extremely important when choosing colors for printed material destined for exposure to sunlight, such as outdoor signage and window displays. Seek guidance from your commercial printer or PANTONE Licensed Printing Ink Manufacturer to mitigate concerns.

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