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The Difference in Being Frugal, and Being Cheap

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The Difference in Being Frugal, and Being Cheap

What is the first word that comes to mind when I say the word frugal. Cheap? If so, you are not alone. Most people tend to incorrectly associate being frugal with being cheap, when in fact they are two entirely different ways of looking at financial life. Dictionary.com defines frugal as “prudently saving or sparing; not wasteful.” The same online dictionary service defines cheap as “stingy; miserly.” But the differences don’t stop with the words’ definitions. Frugal people spend, give and consume a little differently than their”cheaper” counterparts.

Followers of frugality generally believe in being lightweight consumers of resources, whatever those resources may be. For instance, many frugal people prefer to make meals from scratch rather than paying several times for the cost of equivalent foods at a restaurant. Cheap people also frequently look for deals, but still could be heavy consumers of resources. Many cheap people will buy things on sale just because they are on sale, not because they really need them. Frugal individuals hunt for sales, too, but buy only enough to live on for the immediate future. Continue reading The Difference in Being Frugal, and Being Cheap

May We So Live

Thomas S. Monson, “May We So Live,” Ensign, Aug 2008, 4-9

Suddenly and without warning, on a bright day in September almost seven years ago, two airliners crashed into the twin towers of New York City’s World Trade Center, leaving devastating destruction and death. In Washington, D.C., and in Pennsylvania, two other airliners came down, also as a result of a terrorist plot. These tragedies snuffed out the lives of thousands of men, women, and children. Continue reading May We So Live

Imagine That

I belive that my imagination directs my life and is influenced by my life. When I was growing up I was forced to go outside and use my imagination. My imagination formed me into what I wam today. My brothers and I would have to take the every-day blasè stick and make a toy out of it. We didn’t have “cool” toys or brand name anything. We were forced to live out our childhood with whatever we found on the ground. Continue reading Imagine That

Mom’s suprise this week

This is written for anyone who is really interested. I had minor surgery on Friday, November 30, 2007. I had Dad take me to the Granger Medical Urgent Care, Friday morning around 10. There had been a “growth” building up and it was very painful on Thursday, even though I went through with my scheduled plans. Friday morning I had Dad & Alex give me a blessing, then Dad took me to work. I called him when it got so bad I couldn’t stand it, and asked for him to take me to GMUC. We got there at 10:25am and about an hour later we went into an exam room. Doctor Devenport came in and asked questions and said it was a typical complaint. I had a cloged duct to a gland. There was nothing I could do to prevent it, there is nothing I can do to prevent it happening in the future. But, to solve the current problem, there was surgery. He cut into the gland and drained it and put something in to help with the drainage, ordered antibotics and said I was done. So I said, “Life as usual?” and he said, “Yes, in about three weeks.” I guess that is how long it takes to fully drain & heal.

Should you be interested in more details – please call and talk to me personally.