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Found this on The New York Times:

It’s Not Your Mom and Dad’s Parenting

By Lisa Belkin

So much of how you parent is shaped by how you were parented. There are things you do in the same way, because you see them as correct, or wise, or because they’re the only way you know. And there are things that you deliberately do differently — because your own mom and dad messed those up, or times have changed, or your children have different needs. But either way, your own parents are the parents you know best and the departure point from which all your parenting journeys begin. Continue reading Motherlode

May We So Live

Thomas S. Monson, “May We So Live,” Ensign, Aug 2008, 4-9

Suddenly and without warning, on a bright day in September almost seven years ago, two airliners crashed into the twin towers of New York City’s World Trade Center, leaving devastating destruction and death. In Washington, D.C., and in Pennsylvania, two other airliners came down, also as a result of a terrorist plot. These tragedies snuffed out the lives of thousands of men, women, and children. Continue reading May We So Live

Mom’s suprise this week

This is written for anyone who is really interested. I had minor surgery on Friday, November 30, 2007. I had Dad take me to the Granger Medical Urgent Care, Friday morning around 10. There had been a “growth” building up and it was very painful on Thursday, even though I went through with my scheduled plans. Friday morning I had Dad & Alex give me a blessing, then Dad took me to work. I called him when it got so bad I couldn’t stand it, and asked for him to take me to GMUC. We got there at 10:25am and about an hour later we went into an exam room. Doctor Devenport came in and asked questions and said it was a typical complaint. I had a cloged duct to a gland. There was nothing I could do to prevent it, there is nothing I can do to prevent it happening in the future. But, to solve the current problem, there was surgery. He cut into the gland and drained it and put something in to help with the drainage, ordered antibotics and said I was done. So I said, “Life as usual?” and he said, “Yes, in about three weeks.” I guess that is how long it takes to fully drain & heal.

Should you be interested in more details – please call and talk to me personally.

My Life as a Mother

Whoa … Once the hauling, labor and delivery are done – Wham Bam you are a Mother!! You have not changed your role as Wife, you still clean, cook, wash, etc., just now, more so. However, you now have a few added items to your daily list to have checked off. You soon learn that your capacity to Love has increased 100 fold, and for some reason, your capacity for patience has decreased equally. I have found that over time these two important factors will sea-saw, somehow, someday, they will balance (maybe in the next life).

As these dear little ones grow, we also learn to adjust to every day life with new twists. Bumps, scratches, cuts, stitches, broken bones, bruised hearts, hopeful souls. We learn to deal with trama, drama, lost or undone homework, upset feelings and teachers. We then move on to High School, Seminary, church responsibilities, cars, dating, curfews… late nights in a chair.. (oops – that’s dad) – I did not really worry – I felt I had raised my children to be trusted. Then we move on to College, Missions, Marriage, Grandchildren – Wow!!! Continue reading My Life as a Mother