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Come Follow Me and He Went

My bishop quoted the first half of this in church today. Here is all of it:

Come Follow Me and He Went

Author UnknownCamp 332 the captain came through
He was wearing insigneous bright.
“Men” he declared, “You must be prepared
To conquer the enemy’s fight!”
With a towering glare and heart without care he said,
“Men, I’d like you to hear…”
“Soldier,” he said, “Get this into your head
get rid of your cowardly fear!”
So night after night they prepared for the fight
At the feet of the militant man,
Till the soldiers were ready, their spirits were steady
And every man’s thought was I can!
Well, the night finally came and name after name was
Read for the march of the day
It was then that they heard the cowardly word,
“The captain is going to stay.”
Well, they left for the trek and were dressed to the neck
In attire designed for a fight
But the hearts of the legion that marched through the region
Were back in the camp in the night.
You see as they went, they thought of a tent of a
Cowardly captain who stayed
Who didn’t go through what he told them to do
Because he was really afraid.
He easily told the men to be bold
To have courage for strength in a fight,
But he was the man when the battle began
Who hid in the dark of the night.
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