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The Early Bird… wakes up early

Go me! I have braved the world outside my comforter at 5:00 am every day for two whole weeks now! My secret? 3 alarms, one in the other room. It’s amazing what I can get done now! I exercise,
clean the house, study the scriptures, declutter, eat breakfast, and complete a load of laundry all before I go to work every day. When I come home (after eating dinner), it’s relax time, because I’ve already finished my to do list for the day. I highly recommend it.

Teachers against tacky bulletin boards!

As a new teacher, embarking on my mission to change the world one classroom at a time, I realized that the change that needs to sweep across the nation’s school starts long before childrens’ footprints enliven the dusty halls of each noble establishment. As a teacher walks into an empty room with four walls and a few desks, she is given the power to change this stark environment into a lively, welcoming atmosphere where learning can take place. Unfortunately, for years teachers have taken this noble, even sacred, responsibility of creating a learning environment far too lightly. Continue reading Teachers against tacky bulletin boards!

Conan… Just to set the record straight

I read Dad’s “Vicarious Life as it is” post, and felt like I’ve been shirking my duties by not posting about “how I think, what I think, why I think, how I feel, what I feel, what are my motivations, where am I coming from? (Why am I here? Where am I going?)…or at the very least WHAT I am doing with “your” life.” Continue reading Conan… Just to set the record straight

Etymology of the Name Sederburg

Hey look what i found on

Etymology of the Name Sederburg

“Sederburg” is most likely an altered spelling of the Swedish name “Söderberg.”  According to Swedish tradition in the 18th and 19th century, the surname was established by the identity of the father. (Patronymic system)  Thus, Jan’s son Erik became known as Erik Jansson.  Jan’s daughter Maria became known as Maria Jansdötter.

In those days, the home estate or farm was as, or more, important than surname.  Early emigration and church records list detailed information about parents, birth date, home church parish, and home farm or estate.  Thus, it is not unreasonable to assume that “Söderberg” was a combination of “söd,” Swedish for  “south” and “berg” referring to town. Continue reading Etymology of the Name Sederburg