Retarded Tree Season

Well, its that time of year again, the Retarded Tree Season. I caught glimpses of it back in August, (how weird is that?).

As the nights get colder, the trees go retarded or something, and they forget how to make green and start making other colors. Red, and yellow, and pink, and green, orange, and purple, and blue…NO WAIT! I don’t think there is a blue…so close, and yet so far!

But it hit full blown when the firehouse up Emigration Canyon, caught on fire. (How weird is that?!?!) On the News they showed planes dropping red fire retardant on the fire, and I thought, “How retarded is that?” And then I thought “I’ll bet Connie would make the same comment.”

And then I thought, It’s a shame they don’t have Retarded Tree Season in Las Vegas, maybe Connie could come and celebrate the season up here, since she is the one who created/named it.

1 thought on “Retarded Tree Season

  1. No, actually, I wouldn’t make the same comment. Although, how exactly does a Fire House catch fire?
    Secondly, we do have autumn in Vegas…it’s just up at Mount Charleston. It snows every year too.
    And I’d be glad to come up and celebrate the season in Salt Lake, but heaven knows that I can’t afford the trip up there. (see, it’s like $200 for gas round-trip, I figured it out the other day). But I do accept donations.

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