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Wise Bread: Money Metaphors

Found this article on Wise Bread, it’s an interesting way to look at money:

Money Metaphors (You wouldn’t punch a kitten, would you?)

Posted April 10, 2007 – 19:49 by Andrea Dickson | Filed Under: Personal Finance, Extra Commentary

That’s My Money!

My boyfriend and I occasionally (at least weekly) argue over money. I like to spend it, he likes to save it. We have fundamentally different ways of looking at money. He carefully researches purchases and buys high quality goods. I like to buy the first thing that catches my eye. He spends money when he has some extra to burn on things he needs, I spend money to make myself feel better, regardless of whether I have the actual cash to blow. Continue reading Wise Bread: Money Metaphors

The Stranger

Tania MySpace Blog

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The stranger

Current mood: sad

Do you ever wonder, when you take a picture, or bump into a stranger, if that day is their last?….
Would you have smiled, or looked twice, perhaps offered a kind word?….
If you looked into their eyes and see their days running out…….
Would you have looked a little deeper, offered a sweet word instead?….
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Parenthetical postings on paranoid parents

We have the great opportunity to babysit Emily on Friday nights while Pam and Joel take a class together. The first Friday we were scheduled to do so, we had a Ward camp out scheduled, so we planned on taking Emily with us.

Following is an account of this excursion with Emily, (w/o her parents,) and of what didn’t happen: Continue reading Parenthetical postings on paranoid parents