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Acts 12:4 is the only place in the Bible that the word “Easter” is used. In the foot notes it is mentioned that it could be changed to “Passover”. My husband and I had quite a discussion about this term. This feast of Easter came in the Spring Equinox / or about the time of Passover.

There was an interesting news segment about a Jewish family that was observing the Passover. Each item on the plate was symbolic and there was a prayer or song after each type of food that was to be eaten. The Jews, because of their traditions of their fathers, even those according to their faith, are still waiting. One of these traditions is to have an extra plate at the table and the door open, incase Elijah happens to stop in and want to share the Passover with the family.

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Jesus Christ

At this Easter Season our thoughts are turned towards our Savior, for Easter is a celebration of the risen Lord. But over the years His message of re-birth has been diluted, distorted, or lost altogether as commercialism has secularized even this holiday. And yet, only as we come to know Christ can His life affect ours as it was intended.

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