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July 15, 2008
Written and delivered by Brian Soderborg

In a lot of ways Alex and I are alike:  We love being in the sun, we like girls and, we have similar facial features.  Growing up it was often said that Alex looks like Brian, but Brian doesn’t look like Alex; which is weird because I’m the twin. In fact several people look like me but I don’t look like any of them. I often took solace in this but secretly didn’t tell anyone. Continue reading Eulogy

My Life as a Mother

Whoa … Once the hauling, labor and delivery are done – Wham Bam you are a Mother!! You have not changed your role as Wife, you still clean, cook, wash, etc., just now, more so. However, you now have a few added items to your daily list to have checked off. You soon learn that your capacity to Love has increased 100 fold, and for some reason, your capacity for patience has decreased equally. I have found that over time these two important factors will sea-saw, somehow, someday, they will balance (maybe in the next life).

As these dear little ones grow, we also learn to adjust to every day life with new twists. Bumps, scratches, cuts, stitches, broken bones, bruised hearts, hopeful souls. We learn to deal with trama, drama, lost or undone homework, upset feelings and teachers. We then move on to High School, Seminary, church responsibilities, cars, dating, curfews… late nights in a chair.. (oops – that’s dad) – I did not really worry – I felt I had raised my children to be trusted. Then we move on to College, Missions, Marriage, Grandchildren – Wow!!! Continue reading My Life as a Mother