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Talks and Secrets

So I apparently made a mistake in confiding in my roommate the knowledge that in the 2 1/2 years that I’ve lived in Las Vegas and attended the University 3rd Ward, which is now the Siena YSA Ward, I have yet to be asked to give a talk in church. She apparently felt that this was unacceptable, because she blabbed to the bishopric and now I’m stuck giving a talk in church next Sunday.

My calling in the ward is that of Publicity Committee Chair. I’m in charge of the ward directory and the programs. Well, the bishop has been harping on me to get the Directory done, and I don’t think that he realizes that that is a nearly impossible task. So I gave him a “good enough” (as supposed to a “finished”) directory. Well, he had a meeting with my roommate Thecla last Wednesday, because she is the Temple Co-Chair. Well, he asked her to remind me about the program. He also asked her to give a talk, but Jimmy (the Executive Secretary) reminded the bishop that she had just given a talk the previous week. Well, that meant that they have to find someone else to do it. “Hmmm, who can we get to give a talk? Oh, I know! Connie’s never talked in church!”

So, this afternoon, while I was in the chapel, right before Sacrament meeting started, (I had just gotten to the chapel, I was busy getting the program printed) the Bishop comes up to me and he says “I didn’t want to have to chase you down the hall.” I knew that he was trying to corner me into giving a talk, but I tried to deflect it, by handing him the directory. It didn’t work. He was all excited about the directory, but he didn’t forget about asking me to talk. He was like “It’s come to my attention that you need to speak in church. And I would like to ask you to speak next week.” At this, I looked him straight in the face and said, “No.” He was a little taken aback, and then said “The correct answer is: yes.” “No… *sigh* Okay, fine. What is the topic?” “I’ll tell you later.”

So first he asks me to speak, and then he doesn’t even tell me the topic?!? Just who does he think he is?!? The Bishop?!?

Well, I had to corner him after Gospel Doctrine to find out. Apparently he wants me to speak on “How Giving Service To Others Benefits You”

So the first thing that popped in to my head when he said this, is a line from an Avenue Q song “Helping others brings you closer to God” however the song would not exactly be appropriate to play during sacrament meeting, so I don’t know if I can work it in.

A day in the life of Alex

I’m going to SLCC just taking math 1050 and thinking about taking more classes. O.K. actually, I have a job that starts at 3:30am and ends around 7:00am. I then go to school at 8:00am and leave around 10:00am. After I get home I have some time to, either do my homework (but I don’t), or sleep until noon when I go do yard work for ALS (Alex’s Lawn Service), then at four I go take pictures of sports teams and, depending on the location of where these pics are at, we end at sun down or 8:00pm. Giving me enough time to get home and fall to sleep, so I can start all over again. And that’s my week in a nutshell. Going back to ALS I just got a call from Drew Menlove (I think its the car Menlove) he says that he’s been talking around and wants to hire me. This sounds super great except that it’s just me working at ALS and I’m already really busy. SO I’m going to talk with him next week and we’ll see what we’ll see.
Speaking of school, I’ve also received many a message/slash/invitation/slash/application offers for Westminster College in the mail and I might sign on with them next…sign-on time, or year depending on if I can get my life in order.