Welcome to SodySpokes, our family newsletter.

SodySpokes was originally intended to be merely a quarterly investment club forum, where we were to share financial information and insights, on topics ranging from savings and investments to spending and budgeting, which would help us to get/stay out of debt, and enjoy financial prosperity.

However, it has evolved into a more all-encompassing newsletter. (Check the Dollar Dollops archives for details).

The name “SodySpokes” was agreed upon after much collaboration and argument. Something along the lines of “Sody speaks”, “Sody spake”, or “Sody has spoken.” Basically, the only reason that it’s named “SodySpokes” is because when I asked for alternative names NO ONE (with a few exceptions) volunteered any. And thus we see that, for lack of a better name, we are stuck with “SodySpokes.” (For more on the history of the “SodySpokes” name, please see the “SodySpokes” archive, Summer 2006)

Also, note the different sections in SodySpokes.
There is “SodySpokes” which is for, what Dad likes to call, “Big News.” There is also a Life As It Is” for the “Not-So Big News” …basically, what’s new in your life. Also, “The Iron Spoke” which is for more spiritual posts (i.e. Talks/Lessons for Church). “Dollar Dollops” is where we will share our financial information and insights. And lastly, there is “Uncategorized” which basically, is anything that doesn’t really fit in to any of the other categories. (Bear in mind that you can post an article in more than one section).

Furthermore, depending upon various articles that might spring up, one should note that other sections may be added.

And so begins the exciting family editorial of SodySpokes.

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  1. Well connie, I am verily impressed with your eloquent speach and ability to express yourself in such a fluent and enjoyable manner. I may also submit something to add to this site, which upon first impressions has, well, left an impression.
    PS I logged in under moms name cuz she is right here and told me to.
    PPS Just more proof of the obedient, submissive daughter that I am.

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